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Shutterstock royalty free – 17 alternatives for Stock-Photos

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Finding shutterstock royalty free images for your projects may be difficult in the past, but thanks to services like Shutterstock, this can be a very easy task. Shutterstock is a repository of more than 161 million royalty-free images, videos and music tracks. Needless to say, you can get everything you need. However, there is one problem. Services and websites like Shutterstock are expensive. If you consider monthly rates, Shutterstock will only allow you to download 10 images per month for $ 29 / month.

Now, this is a very steep price to pay, and we cannot afford it at all. Thankfully, there are websites that allow us to download royalty-free images for free. Now, their collection may not be as big as shutterstock royalty free, but they do it without you paying a single penny. If you are looking for such websites, you have come to the right place. Here are the 17 best free shutterstock royalty free options you can use in 2020.

Best shutterstock royalty free Alternative in 2020

1. Foter

Whenever I think of the Shutterstock option or any free stock-photo hosting website, Fotter is the first service that comes to mind. The website hosts over 335 million free stock photos, about 220 million of which are available for commercial use. This nearly doubles the size of Foster’s stock shutterstock. However, the quality of the photos is not as good as those on Shutterstock. Also, the images are free to use, but there is a catch. When using photos from Fotter, you should give credit to the photographer where you are using them. While this is not a big thing, it does require extra effort. Also, if you are using photos as a header on your website, the features may be out of place. However, this is the largest repository of royalty-free stock photographs and therefore should not be ignored.

Visit: Website

2. Unsplash

With 200,000 stock photos, the collection at Unplash may be only part of what was on display at Shutterstock, but boy do those pictures look great. Each image is high resolution and beautiful. Shutterstock or any payment for that purpose is the quality of the images of Unplash opponents offered on the website. Unsplash is a community website, where 41000 members upload hundreds of new photos every day. The website is as good as the photos with quick load times. You can also use the search bar at the top to find specific photos.

The good part is that all the images here come with a royalty-free license and can be used commercially. Unsplash only asks photographers to add a credit badge so they can get their dues. However, that is not necessarily the case. If you are looking for a website with high quality, professional photos, this is the first website you should visit. I personally use this website for my Macbook and iPhone wallpapers, so I have no intention of recommending it as an effective shutterstock option.

Visit: Website

3. Pexels

With over a million royalty-free images, Pixels may seem like a smaller website than Shutterstock, and in fact it is. Pixels are mostly associated with landscapes, buildings, groups, beaches, and public imagery. The website also features a large number of people-centric photographs. The photos were shot in different lighting conditions, showing some of the most striking “bokeh” effects. You can use the images without any permission or link to the source.

Visit: Website

4. Pixabay

To my knowledge, Pixabay is the most popular website that allows you to download royalty-free images. It is the largest with over 1.7 million images in writing this article. You can find all kinds of images here. As with pixels, all images here come with a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which allows you to use images individually and commercially without infringing on copyright. In addition to images, you can also view royalty-free vector graphics, pictures and videos here. When it comes to quality, the website does not disappoint. Most images are high quality and can be downloaded in different resolutions depending on your need. Hosting one of the largest collections of truly royalty stock images, Pixabay is one of the best free shutterstock options you can find.

Visit: Website

5. SplitShire

Splitshire is another great free-stock photo website, which puts the quality beyond quantity. The website basically represents their 10-year effort and allows users to use those photos for free. Since these photos have been taken by photographer over the last 10 years, you will find really special photos here, which you won’t find on other stock photo websites.

While photographs include technology, capture, nature, things, weddings, landscapes, and more, the best photographs are the categories of places and buildings. The photos here are original and you won’t find them for free on other stock photo websites. The site is completely free to use. There is a premium version, which allows you to download photos in bulk. If you are looking for some unique photos that are not available on any other stock photo website, check it out.

Visit: Website

6. Freeimages

It claims to have a collection of 400,000 royalty-free stock images every day. As with other free stock-image websites, images can be downloaded and used for personal and commercial use. However, unlike others, you must create an account before you can download images. However, once you’re logged in, you can download and use as many images as you want. You do not need to give credit to the website artist even if you use the images for commercial purposes. The images hosted on this website are high resolution and really elegant. In addition to images, you can also see vectors and images here.

Visit: Website

7. Life of Pix

Life of Picks is a photo sharing website where various photographers can share their shots for free. For me, the best thing about this website is that it not only hosts quality photos but also has a page dedicated to photographers that allows you to search for images from your favorite photographers. This is not something you will find on most other stock photo websites and for that reason I love Life of Picks. While the selection of photos here is very limited, all the photos are of high quality. My favorite collections on this website are nature, cities and animals. Here you can find some great photos for these categories. You must visit this website.

Visit: Website

8. The Stocks

Stack is a website that does not host its own images, but pulls images from various websites that host royalty-free stock images. In fact, the contents of many websites of this list can be found here. So, it works as a one-stop solution for your needs. However, there is one problem I need to mention. The website is a bit slow to load and the images you want can be difficult to find because they are not properly categorized. If you can reach this nuance, the stocks will suit you well. With photos, you can also find royalty-free video, audio, icons, fonts, and colors.

Visit: Website

9. Burst

Ever heard of Shopify? Okay, if you don’t, I’ll tell you a little bit. Shopify is a website development tool that allows you to create your own e-commerce website. Shopify has created Burst to help users find stock images for websites created using its platform. The best thing, however, is that Shopify has not only stopped the service for its customers but made it available to anyone who wants to use it. Only 1000 images are available on this website. However, while other websites host photographs submitted by their community, the images in Burst are taken by professional photographers. All of the images here are more business oriented, as Shopify has been developed for the website. Therefore, if you own a business or become a professional consultant, this is a good place for you to find royalty-free stock photos.

Visit: Website

10. StockcSnap

Stocksnap is another website that hosts royalty-free images with a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Like others, photos on the website are provided by its community of photographers. You can view its library by category or by trending, most viewed, most downloaded and most liked. All images are high resolution and look good. The website feels gadget-centric as I find more and more images related to technology and gadgets, especially from the MacBook. If you are looking for pictures like that, you should definitely check it out.

Visit: Website

11. Gratisography

Gratography has a high resolution and is professionally photographed. The pictures here look really powerful with exceptional color reproduction. The paintings are classified into various categories such as animals, nature, objects, people, urban and unusual. These categories should give you a good idea of what you will find here. The images on this website really pop out and look really elegant. Here are some good pictures and you should definitely check it out.

Visit: Website

12. ISO Republic

With a portfolio of about 3,000 stock photos, ISO Republic isn’t as big as some of the other websites on this list, but still, it’s a very good website. All photos are free to use and do not require planting. The images have vibrant colors and great dynamic range. The website may not have the size, but it does so with the quality of makeup it hosts. You can find images related to architecture, technology, nature, city / urban and others. You should visit here regularly, because you can find some good gems here.

Visit: Website

13. Foca

While it does not match the shutterstock in terms of Phoka numbers, it is good because its touch is good as far as diversity is concerned. Whether you want high resolution images, eye-catching videos, or templates suitable for commercial use, it can meet your demand. Similar to Shutterstock, Phaesa also allows you to edit your favorite image and select the desired size. Therefore, it is easy for you to create awesome posts to share on social networking sites like Facebook or blogs like Tumbler. This is my top of the Shutterstock options, a good collection of basic tools for creating social media graphics. Yes, the list of beautifully crafted wallpapers also caught my attention. So, if you want to try cool wallpapers, don’t fail to see them.

Visit: Website 

14. Reshot

As someone who enjoys the luxury of choosing from a vast library of images, I resort to much more. Probably the best part about this Shutterstock option is a good collection of trending images. As a result, you will find it easier to find photos that will help you create better looking social media posts or blogs. So, whether you’re a tech blogger, graphic designer or social media manager, there’s a high likelihood that it won’t get you ahead. Not only that, Reshot also integrates with Twitter and Facebook so you can easily share your favorite images with your followers. Everything is considered; This is a great alternative to Shutterstock in terms of number and variety.

Visit: Website 

15. Stockvault

While the stockwolt market leaders may be less popular than the “shutterstock,” the former is by no means the second. Thanks to its robust library of images, it is designed to meet a variety of needs, including technology, fashion, business and social networking. And it even stings in your pocket. Like Shutterstock, it has also found a growing library of images to meet various needs, such as social media, blog posts and more. To keep unwanted or bad-looking images at bay, the website handpacks images through a careful selection process. In addition, it regularly adds new entries so you can have images from time to time to learn.

Visit: Website 

16. Shot Stash

While there is much to like about a stash shot, there are three key features that make it the top free shutterstock option. First, images of various websites are divided into different categories, including business, fashion, technology and more. So, you can rely on shot stash to meet their demands. StroStack adds new images from regular-matched with the latest requirements similar to Shot Stash. In addition, it also provides you with a rich collection of trending photos and attractive wallpapers so that you can design your smartphone’s home / lock screen.

Visit: Website 

17. Flickr

If you don’t like the Shutterstock Library, I would advise you to remember Flickr to cater to your diverse tastes. The largest community of photographers in the world, the website allows you to explore tons of amazing images captured by passionate photographers. Depending on your needs, you can download your favorite images, streamline all your top picks, and even share the ones that grab your attention. In addition to providing a large collection of images, Flickr can also help you improve your photography skills.

Visit: Website 

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Shutterstock Alternatives – The best free stock-images hosting website

As you can see, there are many good free shutterstock options. Some of them have size, while others focus on quality. If you’re looking for a large repository of images, you should definitely check out Fotter. Those looking for quality should look for pixels and gratiasography. However, my favorite is Unplash. Check them all out and tell them what your favorite Shutterstock option is. Also, help the community by specifying another good free stock-photo website you want to be on the list.

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